Chelmsford Choir: Uplifting Dementia Care
March, 2024

Chelmsford Choir: Uplifting Dementia Care

Nestled in the heart of Chelmsford, Cherry Wood Grange care home is harmonising healthcare with the healing power of music. Every week, the corridors are filled with the sound of melodies and the rhythm of drums, as residents gather for a sing-along session that's striking a chord with those living with dementia.

The lifestyle team at Cherry Wood Grange, led by the passionate Bex Harmer, has curated a musical sanctuary where residents are not just attendees but active participants. Among them is Terry Loveday, an 86-year-old with a history in jazz and a talent for the trombone. Terry's rediscovery of his musical roots has seen a remarkable rejuvenation in his social interactions and overall wellbeing.

The choir, a group of around 20 members, is a testament to the transformative effect of music. Becky Wasteney of Ace Music Therapy brings her keyboard and bongo drum, inviting residents to accompany her with a variety of instruments. The sessions are not just about singing; they're about reawakening memories, igniting joy, and fostering connections.

John Wheeler, a 75-year-old resident, exemplifies the choir's impact. Despite his early-stage dementia, John's enthusiasm for the music sessions is infectious, proving that the rhythm of life doesn't fade with memory.

For new residents like Pam Clifford, the choir serves as a bridge to their new environment. The familiar tunes and the opportunity to dance and sing provide a comforting embrace, easing the transition into care home life.

Sue Smith, the home's manager, has observed the tangible benefits of these musical gatherings. Symptoms such as anxiety and agitation have diminished, and the sessions encourage movement and socialisation. It's clear that Cherry Wood Grange isn't just a care home; it's a place where music is the melody that guides the journey of care, bringing harmony to the lives of its residents.


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