Achieve a quicker sale by avoiding these decorating mistakes
January, 2023

Achieve a quicker sale by avoiding these decorating mistakes

Less is more when it comes to decorating your house for a quick sale. Everybody has their own unique style and taste, so the best solution is to keep things neutral and simple. This means that your potential buyers feel that without too much effort, your house can become the home they want to live in. More importantly, this creates the perception of a well-cared-for home that will not need too much work. A great starting point is a good deep clean to make your home as desirable as possible. 

Here are a few simple dos and don'ts to help you save money and move quickly. You can do these in any order you like, and the results could increase your home's value and make it quicker to sell. 

Remove the clutter and don’t spend more on furniture or appliances 

It may sound obvious, but before you give your home a good clean, clear out the clutter. Keep the worktops in the kitchen clear of pots and pans, clear the hallways of shoes and coats, and try to strip back some of your personal items like photographs and holiday trinkets. Clearing away some of the clutter will make your home appear bigger and more visually appealing, and buyers will be able to envision living there. 

Deep-clean each room 

Now that you have a bigger space to work with, it’s time to clean. The items you have cleared away have probably been hiding a few walls or surfaces requiring your attention; so clean the bathroom, the floors, walls, worktops, and the oven.   

First impressions last 

Your buyer’s decision-making process starts as soon as they see your home. Think about how the house looks as you approach it. Is the door clean? Does the front garden have any weeds? Has the grass been cut? Do you have a patio in the back garden? Does it need a brush? If it’s crying out to be replaced then use stones, which costs hundreds, rather than paying thousands for new paving.    

Forget the new extension or knocking down walls – add a fresh lick of paint! 

A fresh coat of paint can make such a difference in freshening up your home, but here’s what not to do: Don't just pick your favourite colour. Instead, stick to neutral colours that are bright, modern, and on-trend. Prioritise which walls, ceilings, or skirting boards need the most attention, and if they don’t need it, don’t waste your money. 


Make your house a home with some simple homely touches 

Adding some simple finishing touches, such as plants and some logs next to the fire, costs little and will have a greater impact than buying a new couch. You’re selling your home, not your furniture. A new lamp shade to replace the old one when it’s begging for replacement is worth it; in the right tone, it will put buyers in the mood for buying! 


Get it on the market 

If time is of the essence, all these things can be achieved quickly and easily, and most of them can be carried out without hiring tradespeople, saving costs and increasing your budget for your new home. 


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