Find out the value of your home in less than 60 seconds
September, 2022

Find out the value of your home in less than 60 seconds

In our experience, choosing an appropriate asking price can make the difference between your home achieving a fast sale and being left on the shelf, but getting this process right requires careful consideration and a deep understanding of local and national markets.

While it’s natural to try and squeeze as much as possible from your most valuable asset, you might find yourself waiting longer for a buyer than your competitors if you’re asking significantly more for your property than similar homes in the area.

On the other hand, we know that a lower asking price could result in you losing out – and may even leave viewers assuming there must be a reason your home is worth less.

Online browsers also might not see your listing in their search results if you’ve set the asking price slightly above or below the relevant price bands. For example, a buyer with a budget between £250–300K may not spot your £249,999 home because the filters tend to rise in increments of five, ten, twenty-five and fifty thousand pounds.

Luckily, property portals such as Zoopla and Rightmove can help you get a rough idea about the right price for your area. Both provide tools for checking how much homes have sold for in and around your postcode. You can even get an estimate based on your property’s previous sales history and current market data.

However, no online tool can factor in any improvements you’ve made since owning your home or judge its special features, history, or character. Lovely views and an exclusive setting could also up the value, so an in-person valuation is indispensable.

We’re always on hand to provide tailored advice so you can achieve the best possible result.

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