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Need help moving as a single parent?
October, 2019

Need help moving as a single parent?

Moving is hard and time-consuming at the best of times. It’s even harder and more complicated for single parents who have more than themselves to think about. You don’t have another mind or set of hands to help you choose between renting a truck and doing everything on your own or hiring movers. Nonetheless, so many single dads and mums have actually moved successfully and you can do the same as well. Here are a few things to help you move smoothly as a single parent.
  1. Plan accordingly beforehand
Every single parent has so much to do to prepare for a move. Start preparing months or weeks beforehand; gives you sufficient time to sort out stuff as you should and ensure everything is ready for the move. It also helps you tidy up unnecessary junk and set apart those items you will take to your new residence. Unpredictable things always crop up with moving and planning in advance has its perks. Don’t forget there’s a lot of paperwork involved, such as your children’s school-related paperwork their new school might require.  
  1. Kids are a part of the process
Moving involves diverse tasks and involving your children depending on their age allows them to internalise what’s happening and prepare mentally for the imminent change. From helping with packaging to unpacking, arranging furniture, painting rooms, making crafts and decorating boxes there’s something to do for every child. Moving doesn’t have to be boring and dreary for your kids.
  1. Know when to seek help
A single parent has a lot of stuff to move out with and immense obligations to handle. Know when to seek the help of a moving company, friends or family to make the process easier, faster and satisfactory for all involved. For instance, most movers do everything and all you need will be keeping an eye on them occasionally. It allows you to manage your children and ensure nothing is left behind or no unnecessary junk is carried along.
  1. Understand your new home and background
It helps so much to take a little time to research your new neighbourhood to get a grasp of it as fast as possible. Involve your kids as well to understand the dining and shopping sections, schools, public recreation facilities and other amenities, crime levels, among others. That way, the transition for everyone involved won’t be the headache it usually is.
  1. Don’t forget the financial part of moving
Moving is costly, particularly if relocating to another district hundreds to thousands of miles away. Save sufficiently for the exercise by living on a budget and avoid unnecessary expenses. Moving in spring, winter or autumn is less expensive than warm summer months. Do enquire from your employer if moving expenses are deductible if your job is the reason you’re moving.
  1. Make connections prior
Use online forums and groups to reach to single parents and families living around your new home. With the internet today, you don’t need to wait until you arrive to start connecting with likeminded individuals.


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